About Us

The Interview Quotient is an initiative to enhance the interview giving skills of an individual. We focus on bringing out the hidden potential of an aspiring professional by imparting sector specific knowledge and skills so that the person is fully equipped to secure his or her dream job.

We work with all potential interview givers to boost their knowledge and ability in tackling professional interviews. Students, graduates and post graduates from diverse fields including law, MBA, engineering and banking can benefit from our expert strategies that are designed with the paramount aim of improved presentation at an interview.

The highly efficient and competent faculty at the Interview Quotient is dedicated towards nurturing the dormant qualities of the potential interviewees. Our team comprises of the alumni of reputed institutes like NLS, IITs, IIMs who are experts in the field of interview specific personal training and personality development. Their mentorship helps the interviewees to present their best selves to their dream companies from the beginning itself by crafting a well-structured resume for you.

The Interview Quotient serves as a personal trainer prior to an interview. An association with us enables you to rehearse an actual interview in a realistic scenario. Our students go through various training levels and mock rounds which are designed to address the crucial areas of evaluation, stress relief, polishing of skills, general knowledge and awareness. We also help our students in the preparation for group discussions in the fields of law, engineering, MBA and banking. We gradually plan to expand and cover all professions and several types of interviews. Our goal is to share our expertise with a wide circle of students and professionals and contribute towards improving the careers of talented individuals.


An initiative to make individuals realize their true potential, mould themselves for the profession they have chosen and present their best selves while appearing in interviews seeking their dream job.


To become an all-inclusive platform comprising of experts that offer solutions to all kinds of interviews across diverse fields and sectors.

Core values

Our core values comprise of integrity, honesty, transparency, commitment towards our clients. These values are reflected in the following ways:

  • Constant learning: Learning is a process that never ends. We feel that the most successful people are those who always keep an open mind towards the possibility of learning. As we continue to learn, we discover new things and as a result, we continue to grow.
  • Dedication: We cannot help others if we are not dedicated towards the work we do. Pure dedication comes from the love for the work and that is what helps maintain the spirit of The Interview Quotient.
  • Sharing knowledge: We believe that the true value of knowledge is when it is shared and that is why we work towards sharing the knowledge that we have gained with all those who get associated with us.
  • Commitment: The Interview Quotient is an agency that is particular about commitments. We make sure that we honour our words in all our work processes and our dealings internally as well as externally.