Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are we? What is our mission?
    We are an alumni of prestigious institutes – NLS, IITs, IIMs working as professionals in diverse fields. Our mission is to train you to be the best interviewee.
  • Who should join us?
    Anybody looking to prepare for an interview – be it for a job, internship or higher studies. Right now we cater to the needs of students from the fields of Law, we're expanding into Engineering and soon enough, we'll have a pool of resources for every type of interview.
  • How much time do we take?
    Though we generally take 3-15 days depending upon the skills evaluated during the basic interview, we are very flexible regarding the needs of the candidates.
  • How many interviews do we conduct?
    The plan consists of 5 interviews:
    • Basic – To evaluate the candidate
    • Technical – Focused on technical and professional skills
    • HR – Focusing on the emotional intelligence and self-awareness
    • Stress – So that you don't flounder in case the interview doesn't go in the expected direction
    • Final – A combination of all the above combined in one single interview
  • What are the other things included in the package?
    We give you material on GD preparation, current affairs and how to grab relevant information during PPTs (Pre Placement Talks). Mentorship is always available on these matters.